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Twin Lakes / Live Oak Real Estate

Twin Lakes

Twin lakes is small neighborhood with close to 1,200 residents and a collection of townhomes, condos, smaller beach homes, beautiful luxury homes and vacation rentals a block or less from the beach. Many who want to enjoy the Santa Cruz experience without the crowds opt for Twin Lakes Beach, which offers great views of Walton Lighthouse. Additionally, restaurants and coffee shops are walking distance from the sand. An abundance of wildlife is found around Twin Lakes. Looking out from the beach, you’ll often see harbor seals, sea lions, dolphins, sea otters, and whales as well as a variety of birds, including gulls and cranes. 

In 2016, the estimated median household income in Twin Lakes was $56,970 and 36.3% of residents over 25 had a bachelor’s degree or higher.


Live Oak 

Traveling north, you’ll arrive in Live Oak, which includes the area just a block south of Brommer St and extends northward past Highway 1 to the end of Thurber Ln. Live Oak real estate is primarily made up of of ranch-style houses, townhome condominium complexes, trailer parks, and single-family homes in cul-de-sacs, some with the 2½ acre plots.

Live Oak has no downtown center, but 17th Avenue between Highway 1 and East Cliff Drive is the address for the Simpkins Family Swim Center and a majority of Live Oak’s business establishments. The current vacancy rate  in Live Oak is 2.2%, which is lower than 91.2% of all neighborhoods in the U.S. This means there is a high demand for housing, and rentals will often stay occupied throughout the year. 

In 2016, the estimated median household income in Live Oak was $74,478 and 35.5% of residents over 25 had a bachelor’s degree or higher.


Twin Lake Schools

A majority of Homes in the Twin Lakes area will either be in the Santa Cruz City school district or the Live Oak School District. Most homes in both Live Oak and Soquel Union areas will fall into either the Live Oak or the Soquel Union School District.