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Who Moved My Cheese?

 “Will the housing market crash?” (Question asked more now than ever on Google)

The actual issue now is not are we in a downtrend real estate market, it’s how long will it last and how intense will it be?

You are probably wondering: Will it turn around soon?

Well, it is possible – though likely a unicorn event, and I don’t see a lot of unicorns on the street.
If you are frozen with fear, that’s path to the dark side. Your success is imminent once you overcome fear and inaction. Getting a feel for the market trends by watching the data transforms fear into confidence. And let your intuition guide you. Intuition does not come to an unprepared mind (Einstein).

What are the strategies to gain leverage in a downward trending real estate market for both buyers and sellers? First and most important is having a strong, well-trained negotiator. Successful negotiation is where the big bucks happen and where big money moves to your side of the table.

Other value-added strategies for both buyers and sellers.

  • Sellers: In lieu of a price reduction offer to pay money for loan points as closing costs to the buyer. This lowers their interest-rate, and your investment in their loan amplifies their savings over time. It sweetens the deal significantly.

  • Sellers: leverage value with cost effective project management of repairs, superior presentation and marketing, and good counsel regarding the delicacy of pricing and strong negotiation.

  • Buyers: Be Diligent with thorough and comprehensive investigations of the home and public and private records to reveal structural / systemic / permitting / land issues that allow for re-negotiations.

  • Buyer: can offer the seller a free rent back to help them with their transition.

  • Every negotiation is unique. Good negotiation starts with active listening, curiosity and goes on from there.

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