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Finding Your Property’s Boundary Lines

Are you unsure if that fence that your neighbor put up is an accurate indicator of your lot’s boundary lines? Do you have a plot map that disagrees with the county’s records? If so, you may be one of the many property owners who are not sure where their property’s boundary lines fall.

Finding accurate lot lines becomes increasingly important when it comes time to buy or sell property – you can imagine how giving an inaccurate description of your property can result in some nasty legal issues in the future!

The best way to determine the legal boundaries for your property is to hire a land surveyor.


What Do Land Surveyors Do?


When you order a land survey, the surveyor will typically compare historical data with existing markers to determine the precise edges of your property, and the decisions they make are permanently preserved at the county recorder’s office. This means that, once a survey is done, it becomes public information and cannot be disputed unless a new survey is conducted and different results are found.


What Can You Expect To Receive In A Land Survey?


In general, a land survey will:

  • Show the location and existence of the property.
  • Show the relationship of the property to adjoining parcels.
  • Establish discrepancies between actual occupation or use and the description of record.
  • Indicate the location of physical improvements in relation to the property lines.

If you are in the market to buy a property, you can use a land survey to protect your interests. Typically, the property boundaries shown on a title report form the basis for the issuance of title insurance. Title insurance protects your ownership claim on a given piece of property. A land survey can ensure that there are no discrepancies between the boundary lines covered by your title insurance policy and those shown on public records.


The Cost For A Land Survey


We’ve talked to a few land surveys in the Santa Cruz county area, and the consensus is that it’s difficult to give a cookie-cutter cost estimate for a land survey – land survey costs are very specific to the lot being surveyed.

The purpose of the land survey can also impact the cost. In addition to boundary finding, land surveyors can be used for topographic mapping, creating a plot plan, and more.

Our suggestion is to call more than one land surveyor to get multiple quotes and to compare pricing. If you need referrals, please contact us at (831) 600-6550.

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