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    Who Moved My Cheese?

    By Christine Schneider | October 14, 2022

     “Will the housing market crash?” (Question asked more now than ever on Google) Read More

    8 Things That Can Hurt Your Home Value

    By Christine Schneider | July 7, 2022

    Many things can drive down the value of your home. As a homeowner and a seller, you should be familiar with these factors. Some of them, like market situation, interest rates, and the economy, are beyond your control, while others are very much under your influence. So, to get the highest possible ROI, you must... Read More

    Pros and Cons of Different Roof Types

    By Christine Schneider | May 31, 2022

    Roof types are an important aspect of your home’s design. They can go a long way in helping you determine the look and feel of your living space. If you are looking to remodel or even just update your roof, then it is important that you know about the different kinds of roofs available today.... Read More

    City of Capitola: Vacation Rentals Ordinance (November 2021)

    By Christine Schneider | November 24, 2021

    The City of Capitola has been impacted by an increase in tourism along the Central Coast, and property owners are pursuing the opportunity to transition their homes into vacation rentals. Before jumping in, however, residents need to familiarize themselves with the City of Capitola’s rules and regulations regarding new and existing vacation homes. Read More

    City of Santa Cruz: Vacation Rentals Ordinance (November 2021)

    By Christine Schneider | November 24, 2021

    Due to the city’s growth in popularity over the years, investors and homeowners are looking to leverage their primary, secondary, and investment homes by renting them out to tourists. However, this increased popularity has led to more city regulations. Anyone considering turning their home into a vacation rental needs to keep the following information in mind. Read More

    Here’s What You Need to Disclose When Selling Your Home

    By Christine Schneider | October 22, 2021

    If you’re a resident of the Golden State, you are required by law to disclose specific details about your property to prospective buyers. You can share this information via the State of California, Department of Real Estate, Disclosures in Real Property Transactions form. You can use this form, also known as the real estate transfer... Read More

    Federal Flood Insurance Spikes, Affecting California Coastal Homeowners

    By Christine Schneider | October 22, 2021

    On October 1, 2021, a historic recalculation of flood insurance premiums by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) went into effect, according to a two-phase process. Read More

    Keeping Your Property Safe for Visitors: It’s the law!

    By Christine Schneider | October 22, 2021

    Did you know that you are responsible for anyone who steps foot on your property, whether you invited them or not? If you’re like most homeowners, you may not be aware of your responsibility to keep children and others safe in your neighborhood. You may believe that the safety of neighborhood children, as well as... Read More

    Sellers Beware: Tips for Protecting Your Home in a Virtual World

    By Christine Schneider | September 20, 2021

    3D tours leverage photos and videos to market a property. They offer viewers an opportunity to walk through the home without ever actually visiting it. However, these photos and videos occasionally reveal too much information and can pose a risk to the homeowner. Read More

    How Direct Air Technology Can Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

    By Christine Schneider | August 23, 2021

    The global temperature is rising and poses an enormous risk to the world around us. CO2 emitted by fossil fuels is one of the largest contributors to the problem, accounting for 65% of global greenhouse gas emissions. To ensure our future's security, scientists have been assessing how to reduce global warming, limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C or less per year, and the recent increased use of carbon capture technology is one possible solution. However, the effectiveness of this technique is still controversial. Here's what we know so far. Read More