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Category: California Real Estate Trends

    Is now a bad time to buy in Santa Cruz County Real Estate Market?

    By Christine Schneider | November 14, 2022

    First, your timing on buying a home can be variable or fixed. If it’s fixed, book your trusted advisor call with us so we can collaborate to create the best strategy for your home purchase. With a knowledgeable advisor who is a skillful communicator and a high-level negotiator, you can optimize your buying experience. If... Read More

    Will the market drop in 2023?

    By Christine Schneider | October 19, 2022

    Fannie Mae sure thinks so.  They expect home prices to fall next year. As the Federal Reserve policymakers struggle with inflation, Fannie Mae’s predictions are: National home prices to decline by 1.5 percent in 2023, and home sales predicted to fall by 21 percent. While the fight to control inflation by tightening the monetary policy... Read More

    Who Moved My Cheese?

    By Christine Schneider | October 14, 2022

     “Will the housing market crash?” (Question asked more now than ever on Google) Read More

    City of Capitola: Vacation Rentals Ordinance (November 2021)

    By Christine Schneider | November 24, 2021

    The City of Capitola has been impacted by an increase in tourism along the Central Coast, and property owners are pursuing the opportunity to transition their homes into vacation rentals. Before jumping in, however, residents need to familiarize themselves with the City of Capitola’s rules and regulations regarding new and existing vacation homes. Read More

    City of Santa Cruz: Vacation Rentals Ordinance (November 2021)

    By Christine Schneider | November 24, 2021

    Due to the city’s growth in popularity over the years, investors and homeowners are looking to leverage their primary, secondary, and investment homes by renting them out to tourists. However, this increased popularity has led to more city regulations. Anyone considering turning their home into a vacation rental needs to keep the following information in mind. Read More

    Santa Cruz County: Vacation Rentals Ordinance

    By Christine Schneider | November 24, 2021

    More homeowners are interested in turning their properties into vacation rentals! Before venturing down this path, however, it is essential for people to understand what is permitted regarding vacation rentals in Santa Cruz County. Read More

    Federal Flood Insurance Spikes, Affecting California Coastal Homeowners

    By Christine Schneider | October 22, 2021

    On October 1, 2021, a historic recalculation of flood insurance premiums by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) went into effect, according to a two-phase process. Read More

    California Wildfires Contaminate Water Supply: Here’s What Homebuyers Need to Understand

    By Christine Schneider | September 14, 2021

    Research revealed how wildfires could have a volatile impact on the health of residents in surrounding communities via the water supply. Read More

    California Moratorium on Evictions Extended Until September 30, 2021

    By Christine Schneider | July 16, 2021

    We recently wrote about the numerous moratoriums implemented by varying levels of government, including both federal and state agencies. The situation has continued to evolve, and governments are responding. Mostly recently, on June 28, 2021, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation, AB 832, extending the state’s eviction moratorium through September 30, 2021 and providing debt relief for “Californians that have suffered economic hardship due to the pandemic.” Read More

    A Closer Look at The Housing Inventory Crisis in California

    By Christine Schneider | June 24, 2021

    So what makes the crisis so bad in California, specifically, if the whole country is experiencing a housing shortage? One writer at the Cato Institute — Michael Tanner — points to “government regulations that drive up the costs of production” in California. Read More