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    By Talia Chopra | January 7, 2020

    2 Part Series, Part 2: Evidence of a Declining Market (Bear Market)   In part one of this series, we reviewed the 2019 market and the stances of economists who anticipate that 2020 will see a continuation of a bull market. However, some dispute these ideas and believe that we are entering into a housing... Read More


    By Talia Chopra | January 7, 2020

    2 Part Series, Part 1: Evidence of an Improved Market (Bull Market)   At the beginning of each year, analysists across the country release reports on what they predict the upcoming year will bring in the real estate market. They don’t have a magic 8-ball, but they do assess the trends of the past and... Read More

    How CA Wildfires Affect Your Insurance Rate

    By Talia Chopra | December 10, 2019

    According to the California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection (CAL FIRE), there have been 6,872 reported number of fires, 253,321 acres of land burned, 732 structures damaged or destroyed, and 3 confirmed fatalities, all within California this last year. They reported that California has witnessed one of the “deadliest and most destructive wildfires in... Read More

    Benefits of Downsizing and How to Prepare for Your Next Move

    By Talia Chopra | December 9, 2019

    Change is difficult, but perspective makes a huge difference: Downsizing does not have to be a negative moment in your life. In fact, downsizing your home represents tremendous opportunity and can actually bring many benefits to your daily life! First off, when you downsize you have less space to take care of. Therefore, when it... Read More

    What You Should Look for in Your Next Home: A Guide for Seniors

    By Talia Chopra | December 8, 2019

    Many people nearing the end of their professional lives and looking forward to retirement consider moving into a smaller home. Downsizing can bring many benefits especially if you no longer have your children living in the home. By downsizing in your later years, you can help improve the quality of your daily life while saving... Read More

    First Time Home Buying: How to Prioritize

    By Talia Chopra | November 28, 2019

    As a first-time homebuyer it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices and sacrifices that need to be made when getting into your first home. However, homeownership has many important financial benefits once you secure your first property. For example, as you continue to make payments on your mortgage, you are actually building... Read More

    Unreasonable Repair Requests

    By Talia Chopra | November 8, 2019

    When you are purchasing a home, one of the most important steps you can take is to have a professional inspector evaluate the property. The inspector’s job is to point out flaws and defects on the property, especially if they will impair your ability to use the home. Major problems are referred to as structural... Read More

    Primary Residence, Second Home or Investment Property: How to Know the Difference

    By Talia Chopra | October 25, 2019

    In California it is not uncommon for homeowners to own more than one property. Mountain cabins, beach houses, and vacation homes are part of the lifestyle. However, when it comes to getting a legal or financial edge, it can sometimes be hard to know how to classify the property. Here is a basic overview of... Read More

    ADUs get a Boost from New California Laws

    By Talia Chopra | October 23, 2019

      Governor Newsom of California has recently signed a string of new laws aimed directly at the growing problem of housing costs. As Newsome recently said, “the high cost of housing and rent is putting the squeeze on family budgets, and our housing shortage threatens our economic growth and long-term prosperity.”   Since his election... Read More

    New Condo Rules Making it Easier to Buy

    By Talia Chopra | October 9, 2019

    If you are thinking of buying a condo or townhouse with an FHA loan product, we’ve got some good news for you: the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) just made it easier to buy a condo using their Federal Housing Agency (FHA) low down-payment loans.   The first thing to note is that,... Read More