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Check These Areas That Often Fail a Home Inspection

By Maddi Arcurio – Marketing Coordinator, Communications at HomeLight
If you’re planning on taking advantage of the seller’s market by listing your home this year, a little preparation will help you sell your home fast. While the market is hot, you don’t want to give prospective buyers any reason to pass on your house. So, as you prepare your home, keep an eye out for some of the areas that commonly fail home inspections. Let’s take a look at some of the items and areas around your home you’ll want to check before listing.


Partner with a top realtor

One of the best ways to prepare your home for sale is to do your research when hiring a realtor. An experienced agent will complete a thorough walkthrough of your home and point out any areas of concern and make suggestions for improvements. It may be a seller’s market, but buyers are still selective about the homes they’re choosing to buy. So, hiring an agent with a proven track record will significantly help sell a house fast.


However, even experienced agents aren’t infallible. Make sure you take care to look at some of the following areas that commonly fail home inspections.


Electrical wiring

HGTV lists old or faulty electrical wiring as an area that commonly fails home inspections. If you’re already aware of an issue, call out an electrician to have it repaired before you list – this can save time once you have a contract on your home and help expedite your sale.


Roof materials and installation

Roof replacements are costly and are not something you want to deal with in the middle of selling your home. It pays to have your roof inspected before putting your home on the market if it requires repair or replacement. While you can sell your home with a roof in need of replacement, you’ll likely need to lower your sale price to compensate the buyer for the repair. Ensure your roof is in tip-top shape before selling to avoid any headaches or hiccups in the process.



Stucco homes are beautiful, and stucco, when properly applied and maintained, commonly lasts the home’s lifetime. However, problems arise when stucco isn’t applied correctly, exterior updates impede or cover the seep screed, or the plaster hasn’t been maintained. Poorly maintained stucco is a potential leak waiting to happen and can be costly to repair. 


One of the easiest ways to make sure your stucco exterior is being given the freedom to function correctly is to take a walk around your home. When stucco is applied, something called a weep screed is used around the bottom edges, allowing water to run down the stucco and directing it out and away from the house. When the weep screed is covered, it’s unable to direct water away and can lead to pulling in and around your home’s foundation. Common culprits are items installed around the home’s exterior after the stucco was wrapped, such as a poured concrete patio, steps, or a sidewalk. If poured too high, they’ll impede the flow of water away from the home. 


Ground slope

When homes are built, the house’s soil and lawn area is graded to slope down and away from the home to prevent water from pooling at the foundation. Over time, the soil and other materials settle or erode, which can cause the slope to lessen or even change directions. When this happens, water from rain and snow isn’t directed away from your home, so it sits around the foundation. Over time, continued dampness causes foundations to crack or settle, which can shift the house itself. If you have uneven floors, tilted window frames, or cracks in your walls, they indicate a damaged foundation. 


Roofing, electrical wiring, foundation – all of these areas are common culprits in failed home inspections. When a home inspection uncovers significant problems during the selling process, it can cause a buyer to pull out from the sale, significantly reduce your home’s value, or even halt the process while you scramble to conduct repairs. However, if you take care of any potential issues before listing your home, you’ll pave the way for a quick and smooth sale.


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