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Monthly Archives: June 2020

    A Game Changer in Real Estate: The Pandemic Buyer

    By Christine Schneider | June 18, 2020

    Over the last few decades, the popular aesthetics of home design and preferences of the American people have changed many times over, but one trend of real estate has remained: The desirability of the location of the home has always been directly tied to the job opportunities in the area. Homebuyers have historically flocked to... Read More

    What Does “Green Living” Really Mean, and Why Should I Know About It?

    By Christine Schneider | June 17, 2020

    Over the last few decades, the concept of green living has been on the rise. It first gained popularity in the subcultures of environmentalists and hippies, who were dedicated to changing the systems by which they live in order to better reflect their beliefs and values. Early adopters of green homes, for example, focused on... Read More

    Post Pandemic Buying Trends

    By Christine Schneider | June 17, 2020

    The real estate market is one of many industries that have been impacted by the coronavirus. In some local markets, especially the densely-populated ones, transactions have all but halted as people learn to cope with the fear and economic uncertainty resulting from the pandemic. However, in other communities, such as in Santa Cruz County, real... Read More